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Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

A beautiful view of the port and the colorful buildings captured in Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are planning a trip to Denmark, you will probably be looking for the best way to discover all that this beautiful Danish city has to offer.

Copenhagen is easily cool, historically rich, and the heart of Scandinavian fashion. There’s lots to love here, from the magnificent old churches and bridges to colorful street markets, to simply exploring and finding your groove at your leisure.

Here’s some of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Beer & Food Tour

You might be wondering if you should go on a beer and food tour. The answer is yes, because these tours are becoming more popular as they are a great way to explore the capital of Denmark while sampling a bit of traditional Danish culture.

A beer and food tour allows you to sample many different types of Danish beer and cuisine. You’ll be able to find the famous bakers, along with stalls on the market selling everything from fruit to nuts to hand made sausages.


When it comes to castle adventures, you won’t want to miss an afternoon on one of the many trips to northern Denmark to go on a Pirate Tour.

Discover the fascinating history of the Denmark ports, including the legendary ruin of Castle Down, and how the Vikings sought to arm themselves against the threat of the French.

After visiting the Down, make sure to visit the Medieval Church of Saint Peter. You may also want to consider an evening cruise through the area, including stops at the Museum of sea and lakes life and the Museum of Northern Sea and Landscape Architecture. The evenings can be exciting, particularly the ones at sunset!

Pub Crawl

If you’re looking for a unique summer trip that locals will find intriguing, try the “pub crawl” during August. Throughout the month of August, people from all over Denmark gather at local pubs and clubs in Copenhagen to explore the town and its unique heritage.

During the pub crawl, you’ll find old-fashioned pubs, modern pubs, dive bars, beer gardens, and more. Some of the pubs even have their own cute little cafes where you can get some delicious food and beverages to take back with you. The pubs crawl usually goes from mid-July to mid-September, so check ahead if you want to take part.

The Holidays

In the winter, you’ll love what the city has to offer during the Christmas and New Year period. Visit Copenhagen’s Christmas Markets to buy beautiful Christmas ornaments and other holiday items. In addition to shopping, enjoy the fun events that take place in the area around Christmas.

From a skating rink opening up on Christmas Eve to the traditional Danish snowball fights, you will find lots of exciting events to enjoy during the winter months in Copenhagen.


Visiting the city can be an exciting and memorable time for everyone. If you are an individual person, who wants to have a different experience, then this is the perfect place for you. The Danes people are very friendly and hospitable, so you will never feel lost or lonely in this welcoming city. You will also find that there is an interesting museum to discover about the history of the city, as well as plenty of shopping to choose from. There are plenty of cultural events held in the city, where you can enjoy live music, street dances and theater.