campaign photoVoters are fed up with the current election system–the limited choices, the role of money, and the results it often produces. All of the candidates for this office will promise election reform. But ask yourself a simple question:

Are candidates from parties which depend on big campaign donations and have benefited from our current election system likely to produce real reform, or just superficial changes?

As the candidate of the Pacific Green Party, I will address the systemic problems of our elections and promote reforms to give voters more choices, reduce the role of money, and create fair conditions for all candidates. I support:

  • Ranked choice voting to increase voter choice and reduce the role of money
  • Constitutional amendment to permit campaign finance limits
  • Public funding for candidates who accept limits on campaign spending
  • Stronger fusion voting for cross-party nominations
  • Updated voting technology to increase security and reduce costs

As Secretary of State I will also support:

  • Promoting socially conscious businesses
  • Acting on state agency performance audits
  • Ensuring government transparency and the public’s right to know
  • Protecting our public lands from private exploitation

(Click here for more information on my positions. For information on the campaign to bring ranked choice voting to Benton County, click here.)

I’m not a professional politician running for office to advance my career. I am a former political scientist concerned about how two-party dominance, political gridlock, and big campaign donations have prevented us from addressing major problems such as widespread economic insecurity, climate change, and skewed budget priorities. The solution is to give voters a stronger and clearer voice by reforming how we conduct elections.

Your vote for me will tell state elected officials to get serious about cleaning up our election system.

I pledge to run my campaign without relying on special-interest PACs and big campaign donors. To succeed I need your help. Only by working together we can make Oregon a model of voter empowerment. Thank you for your consideration!

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