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Best Places to Visit After COVID-19

It has been a crazy moment for everyone. COVID-19 has put everybody on lockdown, and it seems it is going to be around for a while. I know you can not wait to start traveling and visiting places of your dreams once this madness is over. Well, I have good news for you. I have decided to make a comprehensive shortlist of some top beautiful places you would want to visit. Have you ever had a thought of that? Oh Yes, I know it is something you have wished for. Ok, travel with me in your mind as I present to you the beautiful top places in the world. Trust me, these places are fantastic and will give you the perfect relaxation you need after this lockdown. 

First on our list is; 

Old Man of Storr, Scotland: One of the most exciting places to visit to cool off is the Old Man of Storr. It is a jewel in the Scottish crown with spectacular rock formation and something out of a fairytale. You get the feeling like you are on another planet. It is a hike you must achieve ones in your lifetime, especially if you need a beautiful site for photography and filming. You may need to do some trekking, but trust me, it undoubtedly worth every inch. The path up to the Old Man of Storr is very rocky and muddy. So, you would need good hiking shoes and boots. It gives two separate ways; both offer beautiful views. They loop around and easy to follow. While visiting, you might need to be there early to get a free parking space. Otherwise, you will have to park by the roadside. 

Glenfinnan Viaduct: Another beautiful place you may like to visit after lockdown is Glenfinnan Viaduct. It is located at the head of Loch Sheil. It covers over 20 miles south-west from Acharacle. You may have seen this in Harry Potter movies. It has a beautiful train that goes across it to Glenfinnan station with over 1000ft span and 100ft above ground level. It is one of the most attractive places to feed your eyes in Scotland, with thousands of people across the world trooping in to take a glance. It is a home of beauty and offers a great atmosphere conveniently for movie fans, and epic photo lovers. Glenfinnan is easy to get to, just a few minutes from the car park. 

Ibiza, Spain: Let us head down to Ibiza. My friend who owns an epoxy floor website at told me about this wonderful place when he and his family visited last year. One of the most eventful tourist centers you can find in Spain. It is located on the island of the Mediterranean Sea. A home for quiet villages, yoga retreats, and beaches. Ibiza is known for its crazy nightlife and party scene. It also has one of the best beaches and cliff jumping you can find in Spain. This little island is treasure stone to thousands of people. It leaves long-lasting memories to so many, and it is always a place you will never get tired of visiting. 


We know things are not going to be the same after this lockdown. However, you may need to start daydreaming in some beautiful places to visit. This is just the tip of one of those places you have been dreaming about. Be rest assured that, when things get better, you will have a lot of fun out there waiting for you. For now, relax, eat, exercise your body as well as your brain. 

Stay Safe!!