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Things to Do in Budapest

The Buda Castle surrounded by buildings and lights during the night in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is bisected by the river Danube.  The old city center is divided into two districts: the Buda and Pest.

The castle on top of the hill overlooking the city, which was destroyed in World War II, now serves as a museum. A funicular rises up Castle Hill from Buda to Buda/Pest, where the Budapest History Museum guides you through city life from Roman days to the present.

Ruin Pubs

Another great way to enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere and cultural flavor of Buda/Budapest is to visit the numerous ruin pubs and beer tents that litter the landscape. These ruins pubs/beer tents are a great way to indulge your inner child with games of capture the flag or any other child-oriented game.

One of the most visited ruin pubs in Budapest is Hradec Munkai, formerly known as the Hotel Republic, a.k.a. The Restaurant. It has a wonderful view of Castle Hill and offers a great place for a picnic.

Kranjska Park

If you love the idea of medieval excursions but are afraid of wandering through streets full of drab buildings full of dirty cobblestones, then a visit to the Kranjska Park for the Hungarian illusionist Orban is a good alternative.

Orban is famous for his performances at the Budapest World’s Theater, an exhibition featuring different types of illusionists.

Besides being a great way to experience Orban’s world, the flea market held monthly in the park is also a great place for interesting finds, from Orban souvenirs to novelties such as paper mache.

National Museum

If you’re interested in history, then you should visit the National Museum in the City park to relive the stories of Budapest’s bygone past.

The museum consists of two sections: the Historical Museum and the Memorial Museum.

The former section features a wide range of relics from Hungary’s history, from the Magyar era to the Second World War, and from the absorption of the Soviet Union into the country to the rebuilding of churches and palaces throughout the city.

The latter section features a vast collection of works done by artists from Hungary, including the Monet’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, the straw bale, the Budapest glass bazaar and the Baroque paintings by artists such as Mikljan Janko.


For a fun filled nightlife, you should head over to Mokotosi, where you can enjoy a variety of clubs, bars and pubs.

The Mokotosi nightlife is also famous all over the world, and is a great way to enjoy some raucous fun in the city while staying inside your relatively affordable hotel.

You can start with Mokotosi Soll, one of the more quiet bars, before enjoying some dancing at one of the bars in Mokotosi Park.

There are also some great clubs, pubs and discos around the city, which are also well known around Europe. If you stay in one of the cheap hotels located around the city center, then you won’t have any problems finding some decent entertainment for your after-party drink.

Zlíndamu Street

If you want to check out the best things to do in Budapest, then you should head to Zlíndamu Street.

This street is an amazing area of Budapest that you shouldn’t miss. It’s the location of one of the most important squares in all of Budapest: the Castle Square. Here you can experience some old world charm and find some of the best shopping in town.

In addition to shopping, you can also visit other cool shops like Mokotanyam, before heading back to your hotel.

Final Words

Hungary is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe and the reason is not hard to see. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is where you will find some of the finest attractions in the country and a lot more besides.

The city is home to the Castle hill, palaces, tens of thousands of medieval shops and churches, great architecture, and a very modern metropolis. It is the cultural hub of the country and has a number of world-class venues for cultural and entertainment purposes. In addition, Budapest offers excellent weather conditions for a pleasant stay during all four seasons.