Audio of Candidate Forum in Bend, Oregon

bend-forum-sitting-copyOn Sept. 26 in Bend, Oregon, Alan participated in a candidate forum along with Democrat Brad Avakian, Republican Dennis Richardson, and Libertarian Sharon Durbin. The forum was recorded by KPOV and is now available to listen to online.

Alan said afterward, “This was the third forum for candidates for Oregon Secretary of State I participated in. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of presenting my views effectively in a limited amount of time. It’s been a learning experience for me but I believe I did quite well in this one.

“I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the other candidates, all of whom I respect,” he added. “But I’ve noticed that the two dominant party candidates have escalated their attacks on each other with each forum. This kind of negative campaigning is one of the results of a two party system propped up by our current elections system.

“I got into this race primarily to change our election system so as to give voters more choice, give all parties and candidates a fair hearing, and reduce negative campaigning and the influence of money on elections. I believe ranked choice voting is the best way to accomplish this.”


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