Alan Turns in Signatures for Voters Pamphlet

SOS sigs 2This week Alan turned in 500+ signatures to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office in order to have his candidate statement included in the voters’ pamphlet. The office publishes an informational pamphlet that is mailed to all Oregon voters before the November election. In order to get a statement about his candidacy into the pamphlet, Alan had to get 500 valid signatures from Oregon voters or pay a $3000 fee.

With the help of other Pacific Green Party members he was able to collect the signatures within a few weeks and turn them in early.

“I don’t take PAC money for my campaign and I won’t accept individual donations of more than $100 a month,” Alan said, “so it was out of the question to pay $3000 just to get equal time in the voters’ pamphlet. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of our truly grassroots party, we were able to overcome this barrier against providing information to the voters.”

He also turned in signatures for  statements about the Pacific Green Party and for Presidential candidate Jill Stein to be included in the voters pamphlet. Because he turned in the minimum number of signatures early, the Secretary of State’s office will inform the party of any invalid signatures in time to turn in more before the final deadline at the end of August.



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