Alan To Appear on Two TV Shows

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Yesterday Alan Zundel, candidate for Oregon of Secretary of State, visited the Capital Community Television (CCTV) studio in cheap nba jerseys Salem, Oregon, to do interviews on two shows. The first show was “A Constitutionalist” with Michael Marsh, who is the Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State. The second show was “The Valley cheap mlb jerseys View,” hosted by wholesale nfl jerseys Ken Adams. On the shows Alan discussed the importance of election reform, his Work candidacy for office, and a variety of public issues including the two-party system, the role of money in Candidacy politics, public land use, wholesale jerseys the Presidential election, and the economy.

“A Constitutionalist” appears on cable channel 21 in the Salem area and also archives shows on YouTube. The cable channel 64th version broadcasts Fridays carte at 8:30 pm, Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays Available at 11 am, and Mondays at 9:30 am. The show with Alan will be airing soon; it will be announced here when the schedule is determined. Secretary When the YouTube version is available it will also be announced here.

“The Valley View” also appears on cable channel Cartes 21. Alan’s appearance will be aired later, probably in September, but will be available on YouTube more immediately. The YouTube version will be announced Video here when available and the broadcast version will be announced before it appears.


Published:July 27, 2016


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