Alan Speaks to Bernie Group in Eugene

Today Alan spoke to a group of Bernie Sanders supporters in Eugene who are organizing the “what’s next” phase after Bernie’s run for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Alan talked of the need for fundamental election reform going beyond campaign finance reform or public funding of candidates. “Without fundamental election reform, progressives will forever be faced with two bad choices: trying to capture the Democratic party, which is very difficult, or running as a third party candidate, which is even more difficult.”

He explained how ranked choice voting would solve the “spoiler” problem undergirding the two-party system that creates this dilemma. He also told the group that the original Progressive movement of a hundred years ago amended the Oregon Constitution to permit ranked choice voting, but “guess what–it was blocked in the legislature, which was dominated by big business interests. Sound familiar?”

Alan fielded questions about the security of vote counting, the Benton County ranked choice voting initiative, and his positions on other issues.

The group is part of the nation-wide movement organizing to continue Bernie’s “revolution,” known as Our Revolution.


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