How To Help

I am committed to running a low-cost campaign rather than relying on big campaign donations. Here’s how you can help:

  • Spread word of my campaign via social media, email, and word of mouth.
  • Invite me to speak to groups in your area, whether the groups be large or small.
  • Contact your news sources and ask them to cover my campaign.
  • Consider giving a contribution to the campaign to bring ranked choice voting to Benton County. The success of that campaign will help kick-start real electoral reform in Oregon.
  • If you can donate to my campaign, I am grateful for whatever you can give. I am limiting donations to $100 a month per person and will not accept money from special-interest PACs. Donations will allow me to travel Oregon to meet with voters and cover the incidental costs of running a campaign. Thank you!

You can donate online below. Do not use the “Quick Contribute” button unless you already have an account with Raise the Money. Instead use the step-by-step process below it.

Or you can make a check out to “Alan Zundel” and mail it to Alan Zundel for SOS, 825 Monroe St. #1, Eugene OR 97402. Be sure to include contact information for campaign finance reporting purposes.