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Baja Sur’s East Cape, Mexico

Visitors to the Baja Sur’s East Cape, Mexico, must visit two of the world’s famous “island” ports: Tulum and Puerto Vallarta.

The Tulum Island is located in the Baja California peninsula on the Pacific Ocean; the Cancun Island is located in the Yucatan Sea on the Gulf of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta Island is situated off the coast of the Mexican state of Chiapas. All three have magnificent beaches and are an excellent place for relaxing and enjoying yourself.


The main attractions of Tulum include the hotels that are located on the beach. These include a variety of different hotels that are built from stone or brick along the coast.

Many of these hotels have been constructed in traditional styles and have cedar balconies and other wood that create a warm, inviting environment that tourists will enjoy.

Tulum is an excellent destination for those who want to relax and enjoy nature while enjoying the wonderful sandy beaches, beautiful water sports, and restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta

A great way to enjoy the beaches and Mexico’s scenery is to take a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, a small town on the Gulf of Mexico.

Some of the most popular hotels in Puerto Vallarta are in the Old Town Square and the Hotel Riviera San Miguel. These hotels offer many different types of vacation packages and are very reasonably priced.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Baja, Mexico, are located on Puerto Vallarta Island. The beaches are known for their white sand and clear blue water.

There is even a beach on this island that is named the “Sea of Cortez.” This island has many different resorts that are on the beach as well.

Attractions in the area include the San Miguel de Allende Museum, the San Miguel Cathedral, the San Miguel de Otay National Park, and the San Miguel de Allende Aquarium.