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Broad path photoI was born in Detroit, Michigan, and as a young man I saw the decline of the auto industry in the 1970s, a preview of things to come for the U.S. economy as a whole. Working at an inner city church in the 1980s I also witnessed the increase in poverty under the Reagan administration. These experiences led me to graduate work in political science to try to sort out how politics and the economy worked.

After finishing a PhD I worked as a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, specializing in public policy studies. During that time I became increasingly concerned about growing economic inequality in the United States. It was clear that because our two-party system was dependent on large campaign contributions it was incapable of seriously addressing this and other problems. It was also clear that our electoral system suppressed competition from independent candidates and alternative parties which offered voters a path to reform.

Despite having a tenured position I left academia and have been working on electoral reform in Oregon since moving here ten years ago. I joined the Pacific Green Party because I agree with their founding values of democracy, social justice, environmental consciousness, and peaceful conflict resolution. Currently I am the State Secretary of the PGP and serve on its State Coordinating Committee.

I now work part-time as a licensed professional counselor in Eugene, Oregon, and devote the rest of my time to writing and to political work. I live with my wife of 34 years; we have two grown “children” and a granddaughter who live in California.

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“I’m happy to give my full support to Alan Zundel for Secretary of State and I hope you will, too.  Alan has the dedication, skills, intelligence and temperament that the position requires.  He is a tireless advocate for election reform and is a driving force behind the campaign to establish Ranked Choice Voting elections in Benton County and beyond.  I am honored to work with him and know that he is fully deserving of my vote and yours.” –Blair Bobier, Attorney at Law, Benton County Planning Commissioner, Co-Founder of Pacific Green Party of Oregon.

“I’ve known Alan for several years and have worked with him on electoral reform. He is dedicated to the cause, knowledgeable, smart, and a leader who knows how to get along with people. A vote for Alan is a vote for better elections!” —Bob Cassidy, former Commissioner of Eugene Water and Electric Board, recent candidate for mayor of Eugene, Oregon.

“Alan brings well-grounded spiritual values to his political work. He is passionate about election reform as a step toward economic justice, protection of the environment, and building a more peaceful world. We need people like Alan serving in our government!” –Phyllis Hockley, member of Church Women United, Earthkeepers and Occupy Inter-Faith Eugene.